Five Reasons Why Men Leave

Five Reasons Why Men Leave

Sometimes even males confess they don’t understand why men leave women they love. They just can’t keep it together. There is silence and nothing can be done. Cheating and break ups are happening often, but women usually have pretty delusional image of why exactly men leave. Ladies start comparing, finding flaws and all, crying and simply storing that anger inside.

Then they recover, but still the realizing doesn’t come as quick. Both for males and females. Now Vava and I are about to ruin your illusions and tell what exactly leads to a manscaping:

  1. Routine is deadly.

Routine itself is a pretty neutral definition, but the way some women behave in the relationships help us understand why men leave.

A man wants to see a princess they fell in love every day, he wants to unravel the mystery and win her heart over and over again. But how can you conquer a person who is picking her nose and sitting on the toilet without closing the door? How can you be sexually attracted to a mess who is surfing the net in a dirty robe and keeps up with the Kardashians on a daily basis…There is nothing shameful in being all natural and comfortable, but there is also nothing sexy in being low-maintenance, admit it.

When you exploit your boyfriend as a porter in a girl’s section or he serves the all-time purpose of a silent BFF, don’t expect to be forever appreciated as the best woman ever!

  1. Mothers are not exciting.

Literally, an aunt or sister arouses no healthy man in the universe. What I mean is men often leave when a girl starts to be associated with a relative. Women do the same mistake, asking why men leave women they love. And still they treat men like children. Yes, often this is the fault of the man’s behavior, but no one forces a woman to become a standard wife with a standard family code with the distribution of duties and the performance of marital duty. Duties are always bad! And still standards are boring.

Do you want a secret how to be desirable and much wanted? Become a mistress for him for an indefinite period! All smart lovers are united by one thing: the ability to give freedom. And men do all possible and impossible things to achieve that freedom.

  1. Let’s go and conquer this world!

A man always wants to be a winner. Why do men leave? Because they want to achieve at least something in life, besides a dream job. He wants to conquer uninvaded lands.

But instead of that, he is walking your dog, watching chick-flicks and chopping carrots for the salad. Someday the power of a conqueror is about to awaken and you will do nothing but cry about it.

  1. You don’t give the reasons to stay close.

One day he might stare at you and understand that you are not the type of a person he wants to see in bed every day. You will be disappointed, confused and much puzzled, but still the secret will remain a secret.

Men leave women when they are lacking emotions – either positive or negative. If you are a bland person, then who the hell would want to stay near?

  1. Another one.

Everything is very simple. The thing is that a man wants a newer girl or just a better version. Another one SEEMS HOTTER with the fact that many wives do not bother at all with their sexuality, that’s why not only a date, but also a husband leaves them. A man does not just go away. He does not need to rest from the relationship; he does not need pauses and other stuff. Let’s be realists and never forget about it.

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