How to Make a Yoli Yes Shake At Home

How to Make a Yoli Yes Shake At Home

A desire to get a slim body forces users to take serious measures like sweating in a gym, cover miles on a bicycle, as well as opt for untraditional nutrition designed for weight management purposes. The latter includes prefabricated goods that promote either fat loss or hunger suppression or supply of demandable nutrients or a combination of versatile functions. The point of interest of the present article is the diet drink produced by Yoli LLC.

The Drink to Shed Pounds

The merchandise under the name Yoli Yes Shake is a rather popular product among people striving to get rid of extra pounds. According to manufacturer’s claims, the shake promotes burning fat. As a rule, such function is inherent mainly to miscellaneous diet pills or capsules. This particular benefit is rather arguable. Nevertheless, the product is not bad. In fact, using it as a regular meal replacement can bring results in weight loss undertakings. However, the performance depends on the diet plan, within which the shake is applied.

The drink offers decent nutritional values. Perhaps, comparing to such famous merchandises as Shakeology or 18 Shake, the product by Yoli does not seem so superb. Nonetheless, it is not heaped with sugar and carb. At the same time, the rate of protein and calories is better to be higher. Despite this nutritional pros and cons, the supplement is absolutely natural.

Making Drinks At Home

Similar to most MR shakes, this merchandise is available in powder form. It means that you need to perform several operations to get a full-fledged nutritional drink. As a rule, people are not preoccupied with making the drink and follow the simple guide namely blend a scoop of powder with 8 oz. of water. Such operation results in a rather tasty drink ready for consumption. However, if you want to express fantasy and improve the efficiency of the nutritional shake, you can take a longer way and deviate from the accustomed recipe.

The shake is available in two flavors – vanilla and chocolate. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy some other flavors using the properties of this natural product. So, have a look at some advice how to elicit benefits of Yoli Yes and charge it with unordinary taste impressions.  

Fluid Medium

Replace water with more tasty and nutritious liquid like cow milk or almond milk. Using this fluid medium will not only improve the taste but also increase the rate of kcal.


Fruits are known as the natural source of vitamins and minerals. Besides, a certain fruit can drastically change the flavor of your drink. Blending several fruits is also a good way to achieve an extraordinary taste. However, be careful with combinations since you can not only improve but also worsen the flavor. Look at the proper combinations for different versions of Yes Shake.

Vanilla flavor:

– frozen or fresh berries (1/2 cup);

– pineapple (1/4 cup) plus coconut extract (1 tablespoon);

– frozen or fresh blueberries (1/2 cup) plus half a banana;

– 3-4 strawberries.

Chocolate flavor:

– 8 strawberries;

– 15 raw almonds plus coconut extract (1/2 tablespoon);

– heavy cream plus coconut cream (1 tablespoon of each).

Do not be afraid to experiment with other ingredients to achieve an exquisite taste of your nutritional drink.

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