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4 months ago

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Vibe Indian is a cutting edge initiative that aims to ignite love for India on a global scale. It is built on the unending love and appreciation for the diversity of the subcontinent. India is a country with rich history of people and stories. At Vibe Indian, we are dedicated to highlight what made us fall in love with the vibrant place and its Tri-colour flag. The unique sentiment behind Vibe Indian lies in how we aim to go beyond the superficial. Being a large country, India is home to many people with varied backgrounds. This multicultural nature of the country allows us to experience the world in one place. In addition to the stories in the mainstream, there are so many behind the curtains that deserve attention. It is impossible to put us in a box as our only motive is love. This holistic nature of Vibe Indian is ideal, because it makes us a one stop destination for Seekers. Look closely, youll see that our hearts shine orange, white and green with pride.

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