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Dr K.A. Reddy is an endodontist and certified implantologist. He completed his BDS and MDS from the prestigious govt. dental college and hospital, Hyderabad in 2001. Though he got extensive training in multiple implant systems around the world, his core focus has been the single piece immediate loading basal implants, sinus and inferior alveolar nerve byp*****. He has done more than 12000 implants since 2001. Dr.Reddy has been specially trained by Dr.Prof.Stephen Ihde who is a famed implantologist and promoter of Dr.IHDE dental group of companies and who introduced the immediate loading technique. Dr.Reddy believes in Dr. Ihdes conviction that there is solution for everything and there are more solutions than there are problems and if you dedicate yourself to a cause you are sure to succeed. Permanent teeth in 3 days in India Fixed teeth on Implants is a huge respite for people suffering from tooth loss. Gone are the days when people had to undergo multiple surgical procedures and wait for months together before they can appreciate the benefits of fixed teeth which will enhance their looks, chewing capacity and morale. Thanks to Basal implants and the Permanent teeth in three days technique, patients can appreciate the benefits of fixed teeth on Implants in three days. This approach can be used to replace a single tooth to an entire arch or a full mouth without subjecting the patient to extensive and complicated procedures like Bone grafting or Sinus lifting. Difficult cases with very poor bone can also be treated with this technique as basal implants utilize the basal bone which is highly mineralized,is present in all irrespective of the amount of infection and is devoid of infection. Smokers, Diabetics and Cardiac patients are also suitable for this treatment plan. IMMEDIATE LOADING IMPLANTS In recent times, rehabilitation of the edentulous jaws with immediate loading implants has *****umed a general, anticipated treatment of choice. For successful implantation, it is essential that sufficient quality and quantity of bone is present. Basal implants are fabricated in coordination with the anatomy of the jaw bone,which consists of two parts, the upper tooth holding Crestal bone or the, Alveolar bone which is mineralized to a lesser degree and is prone to injuries and pathologies and also *****ociated with high rate of resorption. The second part of the jaw bone being the Basal bone, which is present underneath the crystal bone and is highly mineralized and devoid of infection, with an increased load bearing capacity, when compared to the crystal bone. Implants in Upper Jaw Existence with a conventional upper denture implants or implants in upper jaw, is more problematic than losing your natural teeth. Removable dentures affect your capability to chew food thereby affecting your masticating capacity, your comfort and ultimately your confidence. Edentulism tends to have psychological impact on a persons mind. Dentistry has evolved very rapidly over the years and the real challenge is to provide immediate comfortable working solution for implants in upper jaw that fulfills your trust and reliability and at the same time be light on your pocket. Implants in Lower Jaw The lower jaw or the mandible, is a large and a sturdy bone in a persons face which holds the teeth, of the lower arch in place. It is the only bone which is movable in the skull and helps in mastication and talking. Single piece implants, help in immediate rehabilitation of edentulous mandible which was previously not possible with conventional implants, by using immediate loading implants in lower jaw while facilitating utmost tissue preservation. Basal Implants, present a solitary mono block design that blends both implant and the super structure for an able and a rapid single sitting procedure. These immediate loading implants are designed distinctively for cases where there is very less bone height with a narrow ridge. Single piece implants are time effective, they eradicate the demand for repeated surgeries thereby, curtailing patients exposure to trauma. Full Mouth Dental Implants LBR Dental and Implant Center is one of the Best Dental Clinic that provides reasonable, practical and cost-effective dental solutions for all the patients. It always strives to help patients achieve a healthy, bright, confident smile and help them to maintain that smile forever. It is a one-stop destination for an effective range of dental services in India. Full mouth dental implants is a treatment in which your dentist replaces all your teeth using an implant-supported bridge that spans the entire upper and the lower arches. They are a part of full mouth reconstruction or full mouth rehabilitation. During your initial consultation for Full Mouth Dental Implants, our specialists at LBR, provide you with all the information about the procedure, and treatment costs so that you can make an informed decision about whether Full Mouth Dental Implant is right for you.

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