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Contemporary Studios Infusing the Spiritual Charm Timelessly
When you hear about a film studio, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Chic aesthetics and a hurricane of drama that’s coordinated spectacularly. If you think studios are just meant for big-scale production houses to shoot their films or ads, you are mistaken because many new-age studios have stepped into the spiritual world by being the abode of Gurbani, Shabad, Nitnem and more.

Undoubtedly spirituality is something you feel in your veins and blood, but avant-garde studios nowadays have amalgamated infrastructure and technology with an ambience to produce the best records for Shabad kirtan and Shabad Gurbani. Wondering how state-of-the-art technology can impact the sound quality and visuals immersively? Dive into this guide by the professionals at Nagaada Studios to see the clear picture.

Availability of high-quality equipment
Most people tend to think that recording is a DIY job. If you are one of them, you are mistaken because the quality of the equipment being used for recording massively impacts the nature of the song or audio. This is an evident fact; however, recording gear is tragically expensive, which is why most professionals have access to it. When you reach out to a professional recording studio, you get the chance to record your song on top-notch equipment. You can improve the quality of your audio manifold, and when you don’t settle for recording the songs at home, the high-quality equipment enables you to add an entirely new dimension to the voice or notes.

The right environment
When you record from your phone or even the mic of the sound system of your home, you risk the chance of noise. Any music that has noise in the background misses the crystal clear notes that form the perfect symphony on different scales. Every recording studio has a control room because the atmosphere you record your song has a gigantic effect on the nature of your audio. When you have a control room, you get to record your song in a noise-free environment with professionals as listeners who interrupt you only when there’s something wrong with the audio. You won’t be interrupted for any other reason, and you get a controlled environment that eradicates the echo from the background.

Acoustics is different and challenging. Most people might be unfamiliar with the fact that sound needs space to propagate so that it can be heard. How waveforms behave and interact involves a lot of science and if you record your song in an untreated space, this can cause augmentation, frequency cancellation as well as unwanted reflections. On the other hand, professional recording studios are soundproofed to be acoustically perfect so that the sound fluctuations are reduced, and you get crisp high-ends, warm mid-ranges and tight bass response.

A professional set
If you are concerned about the aesthetic element along with the sound, professional studios offer just the ambience. Imagine having props and podiums for narrating the all-time hit Shabad Gurbani, and the audio hits straight to your soul because it is perfectly clear. The visuals are stunning with a stunningly spiritual set, and you get to record in an acoustical space optimized to record music. Everything ranging from the wiring for the light system and the mic to the studio’s air conditioning system is of impeccable quality and that leads to a masterpiece.

The mics
Yes, we have talked about the equipment, but let’s dive into detail about the types of professional equipment you can have access to when you record at a professional studio. For one, you can start recording in different mics. Purchasing high-end mics can be unimaginably expensive. However, the Nagaada Studio has an inventory filled with different types of mics that can offer your vocal strings the right amount of magic you want.

Believe it or not, the choice of mics can also give you different results and when you work with professionals they can suggest just the right equipment in combination with live space and exquisite preamps so that you can escalate your audio quality to a whole new level. Every mic is equipped with top-notch technology and you get excellent balancers, preamps, converters, compressors, high-quality processors and plugins even on a basic package.

Brilliant recording gear
A professional recording studio doesn’t just provide you with a relaxed and creatively focused atmosphere, you also get a spectacular choice of outboard gear that helps you to adjust the EQ and more. You can auto-tune a bit if you want to edit the fine notes that trembled on the highest pitch, and you can be right on track without the corrective recording sessions. Professionals can guide you throughout the process and render their valuable suggestions anywhere they see the scope for improvement.

The vibe
When you are recording a spiritual song, your voice must exude the faith and devotion you are singing with your words. Whether you are chanting the all-time hit Shabad Gurbani or the latest Shabad, you need to believe in what you say if you want to connect with your listeners, and a professional recording studio creates that vibe.

Want to get started?
In the past few years, technology is advancing at a dynamic pace and owing to the marvellous tech-based upgrades, the sphere of digital recording has also evolved. Professional studios aren’t a luxury anymore, they are a necessity for those who want to make great-sounding tracks. Working in a professional studio is an experience that goes beyond conventional home setups and you can achieve that too. How? You reach out to the professionals at Nagaada Studio.

With years of experience in recording for different industry verticals, Nagaada studios have become the epicentre for spiritual recording. With dedicated recording, dubbing and editing facilities, the studio has a high-octane ecosystem that can lead to a flawlessly melodious track. Want the harmony of spiritual melody in your darbar sahib kirtan or Hazoori ragi kirtan in a crisp clear audio track? Reach out to the professionals at Nagaada Studios now!

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