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Mystery Rooms

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What are Mystery Rooms? Yes, you are absolutely correct! As the name suggests, Mystery rooms are rooms full of mysteries and secrets that you need to solve to 'escape from the room.' You are provided with an opportunity to be an explorer that needs to discover the place within the given time. The clock starts ticking as soon as you enter the room, and your mind starts to ponder for every possible way to snap out of the room.

Ever wondered why thriller movies keep us on the edge of our chairs? The reason is pretty simple the excitement it creates. Same as in the case of Mystery Rooms. Mystery Rooms/Escape rooms are a brain-teasing game that is not less than any adventure. It is a story, be it a murder mystery, treasure hunting, finding the imposter, etc., filled with puzzles, quizzes, tasks, and their solutions and clues that the participants have to solve and accomplish their goals within provided time to escape. It presents a whole new way of story-telling. It can be considered a spellbinding way to test a person's decision-making, thinking capability, spontaneity, and observation skills.

Escape rooms are fun as they are the mystery that lures you. It involves divergent thinking that emphasizes thinking out of the box. It is an excellent way to improve a person's mutual understanding with his friends. It is easy to spot a clue, but what makes it fascinating is working in a team to unfold its logic. It promotes task persistence and makes us strive hard to compete with time.

It is fun to engage in such activities with friends to recollect memories and reconnect with our inner child. If you wish to become a character of any story you had been listening to as a child, this is the best place for you. Turning a story into an exhilarating real-life experience is the best thing about these games. What is more satisfactory than the feeling of finally cracking the puzzles and clues that too in the given time? It makes sure that the person entering it never forgets the experience.


It is a fun activity that generates excitement and curiosity among the participants. The person is made to experience a journey full of adventure with their squad that makes a lifetime memory. The game involves teamwork involving patience, support, problem-solving, active listening that requires lateral thinking, i.e., 'think out of the box.' These brainstorming activities make people apply their brains in every possible way to achieve their targets. Observe the patterns, check for clues or hints in every corner of the room, search the key for the escape, look for every possible scenario that can break your gang out of the room.

But what if you are not able to exit the site within the given period? Well, no worries! Whether it is a victory or a defeat, you are made to step out of the room. The experience is always a happy ending. The game master conducts a short and crisp session of debriefing after the alarm strikes (if you cannot beat the target), wherein you are informed about what needed to be done and where you lagged to achieve the target.

This challenging experience will make every moment of the game worth making memories of your whole life with your squad. This is the place for you to escape from real life and enter into a fantasy world. Witness an episode of your life as an explorer into the dreamy world.

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