Modular Kitchen in Chennai

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Modular kitchen and its types:

The word modular kitchen was coined in the year 1960 and introduced in Italy. The manufacturers started the production in 1961. It’s been more than 70 years. The concept created a new industry. Now more than 30% of indian homes have modular kitchens as a basic facility.

Modular kitchens are very flexible in nature and people in the kitchen will have easy access to all the ingredients from oil to dhal. The sizes and design vary to each other. People have been showing extraordinary interest in the designing part.

Here are the materials used in modular kitchen

Medium Density Fibreboard
Particle Board
PU & Glass
EPS Interior Designer in Chennai have their own manufacturing facility, where these materials are produced with latest technology equipment. Our materials are ISO Grade Certified.

Uses of Modular kitchen:

We can easily customize the modular kitchen based on our need and want. Depending upon the floor plan and wall height, modular kitchens can be altered as well.
If you are looking to take your home to the next level modular kitchen can work great, it’s a kind of decoration to your home. Without this design, home might look incomplete.
Balanced storage space, need not worry of ingredient storage, or vessel space. Modular kitchens are always compact and the layout is very user friendly.
Only in India the evolution of modular kitchens took a drastic change. We have hundreds of designs and models.
Lets see about the types of modular kitchen and its uses.

Simple & Straight Modular kitchen:

Straight Modular kitchen looks simple and it does not have any triangle shapes. The price of this concept is low when we compare it with other models. Ideally straight models are very compact and can be installed in apartments, studios and small rooms etcNot suitable for bigger space and larger family.

“L” Shaped Kitchen:

Most commonly used kitchen is the “L” Shape Concept. It is the most versatile modular kitchen concept ever built. L Shape kitchen gives you maximum space and it’s easily accessible. You can even install a small dining table with this. L shape kitchen can be installed in single bhk to triple bhk apartments, individual villas and so on.

U Shape Modular kitchen:

The type of modular kitchens are meant to be installed in larger space. This layout looks like a u shape with huge storage space within it. Usually this type of kitchen will have multiple cabinets in it like the lower cabinet, upper cabinet etc., You get limitless counter space for this model.

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