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Lead Market Bangalore is India's largest and most trusted marketplace for sellers of financial products of pre-qualified leads for insurance, mutual funds, loans, real estate, and stocks. It is a one-stop destination for all financial intermediaries for all their potential customers of their choice according to their availability. Lead Market currently offers different services to you, 1. Service provider listing platform or services. 2. It gives you leads and provides a platform with free CRM(Customer Relationship Management), Campaign management, and more. 3. Lead Market buys and manages the leads of your choice for all kinds of financial products and real estate properties you deal with. The leads for Lead Market are generated through their parent company - IndianMoney.com, which is registered under Suvision Holdings Private Limited. What is a Lead? A lead is a potential customer or a prospect. Lead is very important to the online or service industry. It won't be wrong to say that financial services like loans, mutual funds, insurance, and real estate run on leads. Lead generation is customer interest in the service of your business. A conversion is basically a converted lead, which means a leader who is now willing to make the purchase of your particular product or service. A lead is important for e-commerce, financial services, FMCG, real estate and IT services. If you want leads for financial services you don't need to look any further. Lead Market is India's largest marketplace for financial intermediaries like insurance agents, stockbrokers, mutual fund distributors and so on to manage and buy pre-qualified leads on personal financial products like insurance, mutual funds, loans or stocks. Why is Lead Generation important? Millions of financial intermediaries badly need leads. Lead Market helps generate quality leads to personal financial products under one virtual roof. Lead Market says that the key feature of the Lead Market App is detailed information on pre-qualified leads. Its feedback get stringent quality checks bringing quality leads for the financial intermediaries The Campaign Manager helps generate own leads with 100 percent assurance on quality leads. Lead Market looks to provide quality leads but some time things go wrong. So that is why Lead Market looks into all lead market complaints very seriously and tries resolving them at the earliest. Leads have replacement guaranteed under predetermined cir*****stances. For that, you will need to go through the Lead Market Replacement policy to get clarity on that. The Lead Market complaints are resolved by an Associate Care Executive who is available from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm on all working days at 080-49611444. Contact the associatecare@indianmoney.com for lead market complaint resolution and enjoy pre-qualified leads from Lead Market App. The 3 point that tells Lead Market is the best:- You are connected to potential customers who are looking for the financial product you look to sell. They have a very advanced CRM tool that helps manage clients in a manner that is both effective and efficient. It has a very advanced technology platform to give high-quality training which means better skills to service customers, you get repeat customers and they just keep on coming back. You don't have to go to potential customers, the customers come to you. Retaining them and making them repeat customers is really easy. The high-quality training you receive here makes you the best in the business and your business grows really fast. The people who need financial education come to Indianmoney.com and the Wealth Doctor does his job of giving holistic financial education. He then makes an inquiry of whether they are interested in availing financial products. The leads are then manually validated by the financial advisor team. Leads are then updated on the Lead Market after successful verification of the lead. You get only genuine and interested customers. Lead Market Review Bangalore explains to the user the three unique characteristics that make up the value of your product or service. These are how to sell a product or service on the basis of its features, advantages & benefits. The problem is that most sales representatives focus all their time and energy on learning and promoting their features and advantages, and hardly they put any time at all becoming aware of all the potential benefits of the product or service. On the contrary, most customers buy benefits from the product and services and not features and advantages of it.

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