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Get free kundali reading online using kundali by date of birth

4 years ago

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What is kundali and how it importance? Create your kundali by date of birth using accurate Vedic Astrology principles. Get to know prashna kundali their advantages and Complete free kundali analysis of your kundli by our online free kundali reading. What is kundali and how it importance? To create a kundali an accurate time of the birth, date of birth and the location of the birth are required. Kundali is a graphical or a pictorial representation of the planets position at the time of person's birth. On basis of this information the kundali by date of birth chart is created. This birth chart depicts the planetary positions at the time of the persons birth. Importance of kundali birth chart: • Planets: There are 9 planets in the Vedic Astrology including Sun and Moon as well as the poles of the moon i.e. Rahu & Ketu. • Houses: Houses are the divisions of the kundali with each house being of 30 degrees. There are 12 houses in the Kundali that are represented by the zodiac signs;.For example, 1st house is represented by the zodiac sign Aries, 2nd house is represented by the zodiac sign Taurus, and so on. Each house also represents a particular aspect of the life such as marriage, Friendships, Career, Personality, etc. • Zodiac Signs: There are 12 zodiac signs in Vedic Astrology These zodiac signs reflect their characteristics on the personality of an individual. The utmost focus is given to the Sun Sign, Ascendant/Rising Sign and the moons sign. These three signs have the highest influence on the individuals. If you want to predict the future for yourself by free kundali reading. Detailed Kundali analysis by date of birth A horoscope by date of birth signifies One’s birth chart which tells everything about the position of the planets, stars and zodiac signs according to the birth details of the native. With the help of janam kundali analysis, you can get a more detailed kundali analysis free from your past, present and future. A Birth Chart is distributed into 12 houses including different signs and planets. These houses offer an in-depth analysis of your characteristics, personality, temperament, strengths, and weaknesses on the basis of the placement of signs and planets. It helps us to choose the best kundli analysis and to make important moves. It gives us important timelines like good, excellent, average, difficult with respect to different areas of life. Advantages of prashna kundali and how it works? Prashna Kundali has several advantages over Janma Kundali • It can be used even if birth time is not accurate or is unknown. • It works more accurately than Janma Kundali because it has simpler checks and verification. Prashna kundali means birth chart of a question. In hindi ‘Prashna’ means Question and ‘Kundali’ means birth chart. In more detail, it is basically the birth chart created based on the date & time when the individual asks the question. Through this kundali one can know whether an event will occur or not. Just like the general kundali based on the birth details of the native, the major importance is given to the ascendant sign. However, every zodiac signs and the various houses of the kundali carry great prominence. Many times a person does not have the knowledge of the day and time of birth, in such a situation a regular kundali cannot be formed, but if the person has any query then it can be solved with the help of prashna kundali. How does kundali can predict about your future? Online free kundali prediction can help you understand your life more logically, scientifically and spiritually too. It is not a myth or just a medium for consolation during your bad times. Rather it can show you many things in your life from your career, relationship to your wedding date, having children, getting pregnant, your financial pattern to an extent it will make you prepare to face the unexpected times as well guide you to have a healthy mind and body. What is important is to have faith and believe in your stars. Astrology says that your birth date, time is the gift you have received from the universe. It has all the power to lead you to a peaceful and glorious life. If you want to get free kundali report for prediction then you may visit or call +91 9776190123 where you can find the best kundali specialist astrologer in india.

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