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Free online kundli reading : Benefits of kundli

4 years ago

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What is kundli? and how to read kundli for marriage and career? Free online kundli reading provides information about is the karma of the past lives and various aspects of life such as destiny, profession, marriage, career, relationships, health etc. From the kundli of an individual, it can be easily understood how the person will behave. What is kundli? In general , the kundli is also named as janam patrika or horoscope. A Kundli is an astrological chart that can be created on the basis of the exact birth date, time, and place of an individual. It is an astrological chart which shows the exact position of heavenly bodies and planets at a particular time and It contains the details of all major astrological aspects of a person at the time of his/her birth. This chart tells the location of various zodiac signs, planet and other aspect which are considered in an astrological analysis. How does kundali help you? A chart is widely divided into 12 houses in which the planets and stars are occupied, and they change their position as the time passes by. These houses are though governed by a zodiac sign. Whatever the planets that are placed in these 12 houses can show both positively and negativity on each other in specific periods of duration. Therefore, Kundali is divided into two types. They are: 1. Natal Kundali: Natal chart is something that is wholly based on the personal details of the individual. 2.Horary Kundali Horary chart deals with the preparation of the kundali with the questionnaire of the individual when he or she meets a specialist in astrology. Coming to the natal kundali, when the astrologer comes to know about the specific date of birth and time of birth along with the latitudinal and longitudinal parameters of the person, then the astrologers find it very easy to predict the past, present, and future of that person. • Then the predictions made from such a chart would yield good outcomes, and the practical ones are heard from them. •  Since the birth chart has no errors in it, the person suffering from anything kind of difficulty can be aware of the prognoses made by the experts. • It was said that through kundali, one could find the nature, character, career, health, finances, intelligence, his or her relationships, and other aspects of his or her life can be noted. • Also, along with the above parameters, the lucky numbers, fortunate planets, blessed days, lucky colors, and other variables like weaknesses and strengths of a human can be evaluated from this birth chart. •  Kundali depicts both fortunate and unfortunate times in a person's life. • Thus Vedic astrology has given remarkable preference to this birth chart or kundali or also so-called horoscopes. How to read kundli for marriage and career? In countries like India, Kundali is made right after the birth of the new born and prediction about its future is done well in advance then itself. There are many areas of life not only marriage but other things where we can use Kundali as the source to influence the perfect path. There are references of attribute-matching which is also called as Guna milan that are made through kundali. It also helps to known whether arrange marriage can sustain or not after clarifying certain Mangal dosha of groom and bride. How to find marriage date from my kundali, you must first understand the way an individual’s Kundli is structured. For starters, an experienced astrologer will determine your Ascendant Sign on the basis of the time and date of your birth. This sign becomes the first house in the birth chart, with all the other signs arranged in a circle in a counter-clockwise manner. These houses are fixed, which means that while other celestial bodies like stars and planets may move through them, they themselves remain in the same position on the birth chart. In order to understand how to read kundli ? or whether it is your career, relationship, finance, or even personality, online kundli can help you know everything associated with your life. Whichever planet you are exposed to and whichever information you wish to predict about, kundali is the best source to get all the important information. Kundali making is one truly authentic information that we get and it is certainly the best thing you can use as the source to predict and get alert about the consequences that are likely to happen due to your past or present behavior or circumstances. So what are you waiting for? Visit our websites today and aware yourself about the important occurrence that are soon going to take in your life. Houses are fix segments that represent specific areas of your life. Before jumping into planetary placements of government jobs in Kundli, let’s understand bellow the points: The 10th house is to ensure govt job in kundali • Lord of the 10th house has its position in quadrant/trine • When Lord of the 9th house has its position in the 10th house • Lords of 10th and 9th houses interchange their respective signs • Lords of 10th and 9th houses are conjoined • Lord of the 10th house has its position in 11th, 6th or 3rd house Now that you are pretty much clear about Kundali reading for career and marriage, make sure you use it as a way to give yourself boost to do better in future. Don’t just completely rely on it but use it as the source to avoid mistakes and stay alert from committing one. There are many experts who can help you read your prediction with such kundali. There is some interesting software as well available which you can check online and know your prediction. The accuracy is quite good and the results that you get are quick. How does kundali affect on individual’s life? According to astrology the planets are positioning weakly or badly but on many instances they would rule in the favorable position. All these actions of celestial bodies or planets have a tremendous effect on our lives. To actually understand any kind of positive or negative aspect of the human life, the entire free online kundali should be studies. Kundali can be considered a map of an individual’s life. Looking only through one aspect provides a biased and subjective point of view of an individual’s life. This is the reason that it is considered significantly necessary to talk with an astrologer for a complete overview and an unbiased outlook on the person's life. Vedic Astrology is the study of planetary influence on the human lives. Planets exercise an influence that can be either positive or negative. The position of the planets in various zodiac related houses define their influence, whether it would be benefic or malefic. It is equally important to also consider the placements of the planets so correct ups and downs of the individual’s life can be ascertained and understood. Marriage predictions are the most vital section of astrology. In India or Hindu religion, people seek advice from the great astrologer for marriage through Kundli matching of both the individuals. The free kundli online also guides and influence the career that is the best for the individual. So, yes it is highly preferable and convenient to follow the path shown in the kundali. Want to get for more information related to kundli then you may visit or call +91 9776190123 where you can find the exact solutions.

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