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How does the physical bank branch remain valuable? Join us Wednesday 24th of June at 2pm London Time, to discuss how the role of branches have changed within the new model for retail banking. During this webinar I-AM will discuss the transformed role of physical branches in the new model for retail banking, drawing on macro consumer trends – accelerated by a global pandemic – and translating these for the banking sector. Along with our experts, Jon Blakeney, Pete Champion and Emre Kuzlu we will explore the physical branch adaptations driven by the changing needs and expectations of tomorrow’s customer. Click here to Register EMAIL-INVITE_Artboard-1-copy-2 Here is a sneak peek into what we will be presenting: 01_Pages-from-200622-I-AM-LIFE-LED-BANKING-WEBINAR-5 02_Pages-from-200622-I-AM-LIFE-LED-BANKING-WEBINAR-6 03_Pages-from-200622-I-AM-LIFE-LED-BANKING-WEBINAR 04_Pages-from-200622-I-AM-LIFE-LED-BANKING-WEBINAR-2 05_Pages-from-200622-I-AM-LIFE-LED-BANKING-WEBINAR-3 Join us on this webinar, where we will discuss the new model in retail banking, through trends in consumer behaviour and various banking insights.

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