IB schools setting a new benchmark in international school education

IB schools setting a new benchmark in international school education

IB stands for International Baccalaureate. The IBO or International BaccalaureateOrganization is a non-profit organization operating from Geneva, Switzerland. While all other boards are influenced a bit by the values or agendas important to their countries, IB offers a completely unbiased education imparting system. The aim of this board is to recognize academically competent students all over the world, and provide them the conditions conducive to nurturing their talent and skills. A typical IB Candidate school in Noida, through coursework, projects and exploratory essay work, trains the learners on the lines of IB board education system.

Coming back to the topic whether IB schools are setting new benchmarks or not, the answer is – yes!It is right that IB schools following the curriculum of IBO have a lot to offer to the students who strive or dream to become a global citizen in future. This claim can be substantiated with the following observations:

a.   Focus on development of analytical and research skills

While most of the other schools belonging to CBSE, and other boards, keep the formal education only to the skills of memorizing and rote learning, the IB school tests the kids learning through analytical and research work. They keep the coursework as a determiner of performance. The students are expected to choose a topic and write a coursework backed by the research of facts and analysis of data or conditions. Thus, there is less of mugging up and more of applying that happens while preparing for an IB exam.

b.  Offers sound premise to prepare students for international platforms

IB stays in continuous consultation with the international universities like Cambridge and others to find the expectations from a kid entering the higher grade of learning. So, the board changes the curriculum and reforms it according to the current guidelines laid down by the internationally recognized universities and prestigious boards of education.

The board divides the formative years of education as – The Primary Years Program (KG to Class 5), The Middle Years Program (Class 6 to Class 10), and The Diploma Program (Class 11 to Class 12). Till the time the 10th year of education reaches; the teaching process uses pedagogical approach and not the evaluating one. Means, the children’s learning is directed more towards mastering the way of learning rather than the topic of learning.

This approach is ideal for attaining qualification for international platforms where the requirement is more on learning correctly and applying the concepts more logically.

c.   Helps students adopt in-depth approach in exploring the subjects of their choice

The approach of testing the proficiency levels of early and advanced learner is primarily based on assessing the creativity, research and application ability and use of service-focused methods. The pattern allows the students to prepare for the challenges of the life and meet them head on with confidence and skills-backed strategies. This part is accomplished with Creativity, Action and Service program.

To apply any concept, the theoretical aspect has to be quite strong too. The students acquire the ease of learning of any subject by Theory of Knowledge Course.

d.  Helps identify the student’s interest through thorough examination

The IB schools have sent new benchmarks in terms of accuracy of assessment procedures too. Also, the students, through their course scores, can be counselled to explore deeper those subjects where they have scored well. The examination does not include some three-hour written test only. It is a continuous process where the students work to get good grades through coursework, research papers and writing journals, etc. Even in wake of unprecedented situations, the students continue to keep themselves engrossed in study work and submit their projects through online means. Thus, learning and assessment never stops despite the prevailing situations.

e.  Prepares students to match the international standards of skills

The biggest advantage of IB education system is that it is completely an unbiased premise of teaching. The focus is only on the learning process and the study’s outcomes. Also, the education modules are designed so that the subjects and skills acquired prove their relevance in practical realms. The students get to learn what is trending in the internationally acclaimed platforms of talent and skill assessment. Accordingly, they prepare to stand at par with the students all over the world and prove their mettle in the field of education.

Prometheus School is an IB recognized school that offers all the levels of learning as mentioned above to the students. The parents can choose to put their children in these schools right at the Primary Years Program and groom them according to the expectations of this board. Alternatively, the children from other boards can also apply for the Diploma Program (DP), and have an IB certification to their credit. It can make them eligible for admission in international schools anywhere in the world. Also, it prepares them to get a seat in Ivy League universities, too, if pursuing higher education is in their minds.