How to Get Better Sleep When You Have Sleep Apnea Symptoms?

How to Get Better Sleep When You Have Sleep Apnea Symptoms?

Sleep Apnea is a medical condition, wherein, you stop breathing amid your sleep. This sleeping disorder leads to a lack of sufficient Oxygen and people will wake up gasping for air. A certain percentage of people may not realize that they have Sleep Apnea. However, they will be facing teeth grinding (Bruxism), tiredness in the morning, headache, memory issues, or concentration/ attention issues as an effect of the medical condition.

The obstruction in the throat and nasal region due to contraction of the muscle is the common cause of Sleep Apnea. It will cause snoring, as the person will be inhaling heavily for getting an adequate amount of Oxygen. A stressful lifestyle followed by individuals has been one of the reasons for the problem. And the number of people with Sleep Apnea is increasing owing to the stressful life conditions. This has led to the establishment of Sleep Apnea treatment in Kochi and other parts of Kerala. 

We are discussing here the symptoms and remedies for Sleep Apnea. Since many people are not aware of Sleep Apnea, this article will give you an idea about it.

What are the symptoms of Sleep Apnea?

There are some symptoms of Sleep Apnea that will indicate that you are affected by the medical problem. Undertaking lifestyle changes can help you with improving sleep. Alternatively, you can consult a doctor for treatment for Sleep Apnea.  

  • Tiredness in the morning
  • Frequent headache in the morning
  • Constant ear pain
  • Mental health issues 
  • Adverse effect on memory
  • Poor immunity, causing health issues constantly
  • Increased chances of heart problem
  • Stiffness on jaw muscles
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Loud snoring
  • Heightened irritability 
  • Mood swings

What are the remedies/ treatment for Sleep Apnea?

The doctors will examine the patient and prescribe the necessary treatment method for Sleep Apnea. It may be a breathing device, oral appliance, medicines, or surgical correction. The efficacy of Sleep Apnea treatment will depend on the successful diagnosis of the cause.  

Let’s see the remedies for Sleep Apnea.

  • Reduce Weight – Obesity can cause sleep apnea. You may turn to a healthy diet, yoga/ exercise to reduce the extra weight. This has a positive effect in eliminating sleep apnea. However, you must maintain the physical condition to avoid returning the medical problem.  
  • Lifestyle Change – The fast-paced and stressful life can be a reason for heightened anxiety, worries, and sleeplessness. Stress has been a common factor inducing Sleep Apnea in youngsters as well as middle-aged people.
  • Avoid Alcohol and Smoking – Both these habits trigger Sleep Apnea. Smoking causes inflammation in the throat muscles blocking air passages in the nose and throat. Alcohol is another unhealthy and problematic habit.   
  • Try to Change Habits that can Affect Your Sleep – Caffeine late in the evening, sleep during the daytime, unwanted tensions, avoid stressful discussions in the bedroom, reading on the bed etcetera can affect your sleep. This may cause Sleep Apnea. 
  • Physical Workout – Exercise daily to improve blood flow and keep your body healthy. A healthy workout regime can ensure that you are getting enough sleep too.
  • Sleep at a Fixed Time – Practice sleeping at a fixed time every day. So that the body gets used to the timing. 
  • Oral Device – The devices that help clear the air passage can help to eliminate the problem. The oral device is available off the shelf, however, should be used on prescription from a qualified doctor only. 

Following the above-mentioned techniques, including lifestyle changes, and sleep improvement methods will help in eliminating Sleep Apnea remarkably. Consult a medical specialist if you think you are unable to control sleep apnea even after following the steps judiciously. You may require surgical correction or medications.

Sleep Apnea has become a common problem nowadays, the clinics and medical centres, offering treatment for the problem has also increased. Sleep Apnea treatment is available in Kochi and other major cities in Kerala too. Choose a clinic with experienced experts, who will diagnose the cause for the issue and prescribe you the best treatment method. 

If you have any of the issues mentioned here in the article, consult a doctor today.