Does Customizable WordPress Plugin Development Useful For Business Growth During COVID-19?

Who knew businesses would need a crisis-response graph before the outburst of COVID-19? The situation is harrowing everywhere. 4 to 10 months is the minimum time required for putting things back to normal. But are you only concerned about off-putting business impacts? You might not know what potential WordPress plugin development holds. In fact, customizable plugin development is also possible. Businesses can not only thrive but come out even better and stronger. The best tools, WordPress resources & tutorials will help any business largely.

Recently launched plugins for helping businesses thrive

  • CoronaVirus Data – If you are looking for a customization plugin WordPress, then this is the one for you. Developed on top of NovelCOVID API, the CoronaVirus Data plugin lets you showcase recent COVID-19 data. You can display the data of the whole world in your WP page or post through shortcodes:

[cov2019map] – Here there is a map containing data of all countries

[cov2019] – Displays basic data of the globe & the selected country

[cov2019all] – Shows data of each country in the shape of a table

This ecommerce WordPress plugin includes customization options as well. You can out forward the number of dead, recovered and confirmed patients of the entire world or a particular country.


  • CF Geo Plugin – With this WordPress plugin WooCommerce, you can keep all your customers updated. There are options to display global & country-based details regarding CoronaVirus. You can exhibit details in real-time on the WP site & for free. For showing information, you can use shortcodes. S.


  • CoronaVirus Banner – One of the best WordPress plugins for business during COVID-19 is the CoronaVirus Banner. With the plugin, you can put up a COVID-19 customizable notice banner at the bottom or top of the WordPress site. There are options to exhibit the banner in the shape of a pop-up window. As you use such banners, the chances of missing out potential customers decreases. If the customers are aware that you will soon be delivering services or products again, they will again check after a few days.


Customizable Wordpress Plugin Development services

Contemplating about how to create a WordPress plugin? Especially amidst COVID-19, it is important to avail Customizable WordPress Plugin Development services for stabilizing your business again. The services that can help your business flourish again are:

  • Competent plugin integration – You can get hands on developed WordPress plugin business, with the help of a WordPress plugin development company. You can integrate such plugins easily in websites.
  • Plugin customization – Either you can customize existing WordPress plugin Google Analytics. Also you can add new functionality in your present product customization plugin WooCommerce.
  • Upgrading old plugin – Updating plugins from time to time is necessary. This ensures that your customers will never face difficulty while shopping from your website. So when you are availing plugin customization in WordPress services, you can upgrade the present plugin with recent WordPress updates.
  • Creating new plugin – Create new WordPress plugin WooCommerce along with needed functionality.

Perks of installing WooCommerce customization plugin

While the Corona Virus still is terrifying millions, as a business owner you need to chalk out a robust plan. A business that you have launched with much effort, you cannot let it go because of a virus. Make arrangements from now so that your business keeps on fetching desirable outcomes. Opting for customization plugin WordPress for your site is one of the most important steps. The benefits are:

  • Enhanced security
  • Greater precision
  • User-friendly experience
  • Better web presence
  • Eye-catching overall designs
  • Expanded functionality


Virus or no virus, your aim should be solidifying your business to an extent that it will never collapse. With WordPress tools like product customization plugin, it is possible to ensure that. Getting hands on an optimized and responsive website is easy these days. A reputed WordPress plugin development company will help you attain all your business goals. Also the teams will let you know how to respond to COVID-19. Your customers must be able to understand how you are coping with the crisis. They should also know how fast you can again let them avail all the services. As you, WordPress plugin installs with a professional team, you will regain hope again. To know how to begin touchless sales, get in touch with us.

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