7 Free Courses To Learn Bitcoin, Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies

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These days, trading is gaining momentum and there are lots of people who are willing to become proficient in this industry. Bitcoin is just one of the plenty of other cryptocurrencies popular on the trading market. 

There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on personal trainers as there are numerous free online courses where you can learn everything about cryptocurrency and its management. 

In this post, you will the compilation of the top free online learning course that will dive you into the worlds of cryptocurrencies and investing. 

The Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Course

This is a general overview of the modern cryptocurrencies existing in the world, their usage, features, and ways to invest effectively. The variety of cryptocurrencies continues to expand. However, this learning course is directed at exploring the fundamentals, particularly bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, litecoin, EOS. Basically, by selecting this learning course, you are going to become proficient in:

  • blockchain and what it actually includes
  • where and how to buy cryptocurrencies safely
  • exchange of the cryptocurrencies
  • what coins are preferable to buy and why

This course is a qualitative guide for investors who are only at the beginning of their path and don’t know exactly where and how to invest their money to receive cashback. Proper investment requires a deep analysis of the current market and its predictions. All this knowledge you are going to find out after proceeding with this learning course. 

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies

This learning course is more dedicated to the very first and most popular cryptocurrency we all know—bitcoin. Before start investing, you need to completely understand what bitcoin is, how it actually works at all levels. You will also know the difference between bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the level of cybersecurity it provides, what factors have an impact on its price, and what the future of bitcoin is. 

There are tons of different information on the web related to bitcoin, but far not all of those sources are reliable. This learning course will teach you the truth about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies overall to know how you can use bitcoin to make your business more profitable. We would also like to add that this course is produced by a Princeton University professor. So the information within the course is credible 100%.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Explained

When bitcoin had just appeared on the trading market, its price was $1. Today the price of one coin equals about $47000, and it is not its border. Like with any other cryptocurrency, bitcoins rise and fall depending on the period and state of the economy. Blockchain is responsible for transferring bitcoins to different accounts. 

So, by passing this learning course, you will become proficient in what blockchain actually is and how it works from the technical side. More examples of blockchain implementation you can find in writing service reviews Rated by Students. Along with trading, blockchain technology is widely implemented in business software solutions in different industries. You will also get acquainted with real cases of implementing blockchain within the business and what impact it provides. 

Cryptocurrency Trading Explained

This learning course is a general intro to the trading market. It covers a wide range of subjects you are going to learn, like:

  • popular cryptocurrencies apps and solutions
  • the crypto language and basic terms you need to be proficient in
  • the place of security in trading and cryptocurrency exchange, and how to protect your wallet from cybercriminals
  • how to start trading according to your personally created plan
  • a reliable source of information related to the current state of the market
  • tax processes—how much you need to pay to follow the law

Misinformation is a huge problem in the cryptocurrency area as there are lots of newbie traders who pretend to be professionals, but they are not. This learning course will teach distinguishing between truth and lie in trading. 

How To Start With Cryptocurrency

This is another great and free learning course that will make you aware of the fundamental knowledge about cryptocurrencies. Moreover, you can get this knowledge completely free, by being taught by real professionals from the writing services Top Writing Reviews, Trust My Paper and universities all over the world.

You have to precisely know how each of these coins works from technical sides to become a high-quality trader or investor. You can invest your money anytime, but will you receive any profit? That is the question. You need to replenish your knowledge about trading and modern cryptocurrencies as much as possible before starting investing or trading. You should be aware of the trading language and learn the definition of each term you are going to read. 

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Course for Beginners

This free online learning course is capable of providing you with basic knowledge about cryptocurrencies. The main differentiator of this course is that it also makes you proficient in the current state of the Fintech market and its recent innovations. If you have never dealt with cryptocurrencies and trading, then this learning course is just right for you.

You are going to learn the complete economics of cryptocurrencies, their main processes, and rules. In addition, you will learn practical tips on how to enter the trading market successfully and become a real participant in trading. The course provides you with a list of useful tools and solutions that will make your first steps in trading easier and more effective.

The Complete Cryptocurrency Course: More than 5 Courses in 1

And the last free learning course we would like to tell you about is the Complete Cryptocurrency course. This module covers practically all possible subjects related to cryptocurrency, trading, and blockchain. To know how to invest effectively, you need to be aware of the current market, its specifics, the prices of cryptocurrencies, trends in trading, and so on.

 Foremost, you learn the theory, and only then take actions and investments. 

You will also learn the features of each of the popular cryptocurrencies, its pros, and cons, ways of buying or selling, etc. All this information you receive for free, so don’t lose our chance to start trading soon. 

In conclusion

All these courses are going to provide you with similar information—the basics of cryptocurrencies, their main differentiators, trading, and investment, blockchain technology, and so on. You need to become a master in theory to operate with this knowledge in action. If you are only a beginner in cryptocurrencies, you can boldly find a mentor with wide experience in trading. There are many successful traders who asked for help from more advanced investors at the beginning of their path. After several successful deals, you will surely be capable of taking the right steps on your own.


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