7 Elements of the Perfect Stock Learning App

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Are you looking for a perfect stock learning application to learn about the stock market?

Well, when finding and downloading the stock learning apps one should ensure that there enough learning materials from which he/she can learn about the stock market.

To start trading in the stock market, you should know the working of the same.

You should begin learning with various basic stock market topics like technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

After acquiring the knowledge of the same you should start paper trading practice various concepts of the same.

In this blog, we will be discussing the 7 Elements of the Perfect Stock Learning App:

  1. Courses:

The stock market learning app should have courses on different topics of the stock market that will help the novice to learn the same.

It should have courses on the following topics:

  • Technical analysis helps the traders to predict further price movements based on the chart. With the help of the technical analysis, traders get to know if the further price movement will reverse or change.
  • Fundamental analysis helps the traders to understand the financial statements of the companies. Traders should analyze the financial statements to get an understanding of how the stock market is performing.
  • Basic financial planning knowledge to help the traders to plan their financial goals.
  • Courses on derivatives and options trading for those traders who are interested in learning about the same.
  • Currency and commodity trading for those investors who are interested in the currency and commodity market.

The courses on the above topics will help the traders to learn about the different aspects of the stock market.

With the presence of these courses in the app, the novice will more interested and attracted to use the stock market learning application.

  1. Videos:

The app should have educational videos on various topics of the stock market.

Videos with animation of various topics of the stock helps in making the topic much more interesting and visually appealing to the students.

For example, technical analysis videos should have charts and all to give a better understanding to the students of how the price movements take place.

Thus the stock market learning apps should have visually appealing videos to make the students understanding better the different aspects of the stock market.

  1. Blogs/Articles:

Other than courses and videos on different topics of the stock market, there should be a section containing blogs or articles related to the stock market.

The blogs should be written in simple language and have infographics which will help the students to have a better understanding of the stock market-related topics.

The blogs should have examples that will help the students to relate to the practical working of the stock market in the real world.

  1. Interactive Games:

Apart from the above content, the app should have interactive games related to the stock market which will enhance the knowledge of the students in the stock market field.

Interactive games can be of quiz type that should consist of various questions related to the stock market.

At getting a good score in the quizzes students can be rewarded with free courses that will encourage them to play these interactive stock market-related games.

  1. Practice Section:

The app should also contain a practice section which will help the students to practice what they have learned in the courses, videos, and blogs.

The practice section can help them in practicing various options strategies.

There can be a paper trading section also in the app which will help the students to know if they are making profits or losses when trading without involving real money.

By this, the students can become confident and get encouraged to start trading in the stock market.

Once the students have completed learning about the stock market, they can take up the practice session.

  1. Question and Answer Section:

There should be a question and answer section where the students can post the questions if they have doubts regarding any courses, videos, or blogs.

The answers to these questions should be given in a timely manner so that the students can proceed further.

  1. Customer Support:

Apart from the learning content, the app should have good customer support.

Without good customer support, any kind of app is imperfect.

As the students are looking for a good stock market learning app, the customer support service should be also good enough.

Above are the elements that should be there in a perfect stock market learning application. These elements will make the students attract towards the learning about the stock market before they jump into trading in the stock market with money. The basic knowledge about the stock market will also them in avoiding losses in the stock market.

Sakshi Agarwal is a post graduate from a financial background. Her favorite topics of interest to write about include technical analysis and investing.  She is currently working at www.elearnmarkets.com as a research analyst.

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