Your Diabetic Checkup

2 years ago

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If you are under medication, you should be more watchful about your meals. You will also need to follow a stricter schedule. To be sure that you have the right guide, you can consult your physician. He might also refer a dietician to you who can help you create a diabetic meal plan. Aside from meal plans, you will also be advised on the activities that will be helpful to your condition. Moreover, you will be taught on how to monitor your own blood sugar level.

Low Glycemic Index – The glycemic index is the measurement that shows how certain foods raise our blood sugar levels. Low GI foods are slow in releasing sugar into your body; therefore, it will not be absorbed right away to your bloodstream and your blood sugar level will not rapidly increase. Foods included in this category are unsweetened muffins, green leafy vegetables, soymilk, beans and nuts.Complex High Fiber Carbohydrates – Fiber slows down digestion. For this reason, they won’t require the body to produce insulin rapidly. That will save the pancreas from being worn out and eventually suffer from low insulin production. When that happens, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes is bigger. Some examples of complex high fiber carb foods are oats, wholegrain products, legumes, fruits, lentils, vegetables, peas, dried beans and so on.

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