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4 months ago

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CCS-02 is a unique contact cleaner spray which is absolutely environmentally friendly product does not contain any chlorinated solvents and alcohols.

CCS-02 penetrates any carbon deposits, it cleans the same effectively. It is basically off line product. The advantage of using Elecstar CCS-02 is it retards the process of carbon generation increasing the uptime of the electrical equipment like electrical contactors, relays, switches, motors, fuses etc.

The salient features & benefits of Elecstar CCS-02 are:

1) Absolutely environmentally friendly products – non-chlorinated, non alcoholic.

2) Cleans electrical contacts of contactors, motors, fuses, relay etc.

3) Extends the life of electrical equipments.

4) Avoids arcing & prevents burn up due to overheating.

5) A must for effective preventive maintenance.

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