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March 02, 2019
Fashion is one commodity that changes with the course of time. Every season we see new trendy clothes in the market and try to look the most perfect in our life. The latest fashion is always in demand in the market and requires a lot of creatively from designers to make things interesting for coming out with newer concepts and ideas that can be transformed into reality. With fashion designing course you can get to know behind the scenes process and making until the final product is out. JD Institute of Fashion Designing is a leading platform for education in this creative field. There are a lot of full-time course and part-time fashion designing courses in Delhi that one can join to begin their journey in this industry.

Amateurs who take these courses and pursue a career in this industry are often called Fashion designer. They are the one responsible for crafting those designs on the clothes and make sure they are perfectly made to be worn on individuals. Starting from raw sketches to be designed on the whiteboard, design fabrics, patterns, and analyze trends that are newer combinations for a perfect look finish in the clothes. They also need to coordinate with manufacturers to get their sample checked as per the suitable designs.

There are three main different categories in designing apparel with respect to a broad aspect. Haute Couture is one of the topmost which are made for the wealthiest individuals. This French term is quite popular among fashionistas for the popular fashion show in Paris with models showing these apparels to the whole world.

Pret a Porter is the term we often credit to clothes that are ‘ready to wear’ which most of the economy class people like to wear on daily basis. And the third is Mass market fashion are the most common trends that are worn in the society. There are stiff competition for these type of clothes in the market and apparels are made on demand to meet the need as per the requirements.

Following fashion designing courses in Delhi with JD Institute of Fashion Technology

· BSC in Fashion and Apparel Design (3 Years)
· Diploma in Fashion Design (1 Year)
· Diploma in Fashion Business Management (1 Year)
· Diploma in Visual Merchandising (6 Months)
· Diploma in Fashion and Lifestyle Entrepreneurship (4 Months)
· Diploma in Fashion Styling (3 Months)
· Undergraduate Diploma in Fashion and Apparel Design (3 Years)
· Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Design (2 Years)
· Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Communication (2 Years)
· PG Diploma in Fashion, Design, and Management (2 Years)

Just Designing (JD) Institute of Fashion Technology offers all types of fashion designing courses in its 36+ learning centers across the country. All the classroom have latest technologies and more focussed is given on practical learning. Creativity, imagination, and combinations are some of the traits that instructors try to instill in the minds of the learners. For who are already working in the industry there are special weekend fashion designing courses in Delhi for further learning and excelling in this ever-growing industry.

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